Pixar’s 22 rules…

Saw this on Tumblr. Was worried it would be cheesey. But it’s perfect!

thatisawesome: The 22 rules of Storytelling,….


2 thoughts on “Pixar’s 22 rules…

  1. I reblogged it because I was surprised to see how many of those rules overlapped with things my craft professor taught me in writing workshops. Like getting the story out, then rewriting and aiming toward theme. And I thought #9, making a list of what wouldn’t happen, was great way of writing out of writer’s block! πŸ˜€

  2. I read these the other day too, and while they are not necessarily rules set in stone –what is?– they are definitely a basic guide for successful, entertaining story telling. I particularly love the point they make about an entertaining lead, and how people will root for that character for trying rather than succeeding.

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