Cheap Marketing: Or how I learned to…

love and appreciate my cardboard sandwich sign!

Or am I the only one suffering from 0-Balance Marketing and Promotions accounts? Somehow, I doubt it. 

While I was trolling the mall–What else do you have to do at 2 pm on a Wednesday when the hours at your 9-5 get cut from 29 to 10 per week–I noticed one of their little mobile kiosk/cart stations was for rent. I took down the information, emailed my local mall-space realtor, and tried to remember where I can get cardboard presentation stands. I was imagining bright colors splashing stenciled letters spelling out my brand. My first bout with real advertising (real, being tangible, created by hand, by me) for my very own business. 

And I know the realtor, I’ll call him Jim, had the best of intentions. Mentioning the fact that because I wasn’t actually selling a product, more networking and advertising, renting would be cheaper. And while there isn’t a cost sheet per se, I can clue him in to my budget and he would “find a solution that works for me.”

Any chance that solution would include FREE, Jim?! 

Probably not a snowball’s chance in Hades, but a free-lance girl can dream, right?

Anyway, I guess I started this desperate plea for a better economy in order to find out how you all handle a bone-dry Marketing fund reservoir? What are some of the most creative (and cheap) ways you’ve all promoted your business(es)???