The Dark Half

King + Romero = Comfort Film

You know how some people have comfort food, comfort liquor, and comfort drugs? Those things you just have to have when you’re having a super shitty day. Well, this is my Comfort Film. Just about any King picture will do the trick, but this one speaks to me on a certain, deep-seeded level.

No, I was never a twin. No, I’m not a struggling, published writer. I’m a struggling, unpublished writer, but I’m not splitting hairs here, really.

Thad Beaumont has always felt like a kindred spirit to me. He understands the duality of humanity, on the surface, because of his twin, but deeply because he is a simultaneous participant/observer of human nature–a writer. Writing about humanity–on the level King does–requires that ability, to observe, reflect upon, and still take part in a life that may or may not be noteworthy on any level.

But King (and Beaumont) are doing just that. Creating lives of note that are lived on the page but appear real enough to be actually happening somewhere else. That’s the art of the horror story, any story truly. Is making the reader wholeheartedly believe that complete fiction could be real at any given point, in any given place. That’s what makes the story great, unstoppable.

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