How best to adapt The Dark Tower | Cult Spark

I’ve always been a huge fan of Stephen King and his Dark Tower series some of my favorite books. From the time I picked up The Gunslinger, around middle school, I’ve been praying for some kind of screen adaptation–be it small or large.

I think a television series would carry the depth of the tales much better than a series of movies–which forces alterations to timelines and narrative stylings–but then producers run the risk of early cancellations due to low ratings.

However, looking at King’s current Colorado Kid adaptation, Haven, on SyFy and how it’s sustaining–why not try a Dark Tower series? There’s plenty of content, compelling characters to develop, and the story of the anti-hero’s journey to attach to. Chopping King’s magnum opus to bits in order to fill a Hollywood standard of storytelling doesn’t sound like a good fit for the stories’ integrity. King wouldn’t bow to Hollywood standards, unless he knew that’s the best medium for his story. He’s always stayed true to the story–no matter how long it takes to get it out.

He’s been a master of the mini-series, but obviously 7-going-on-8 novels–King-sized novels, no less–would be an 80s-style excess no channel should knuckle under. I say to Ron Howard or whoever helms that showboat, go to the bigger cable stations: HBO, Showtime, AMC, or even FX. See what they offer you, see what you can get them to do for you. King is popular, that’s obvious. It could be done.

All I can do is cross my fingers, pray, and watch the screens for just a little bit of Roland and his ka-tet.

How best to adapt The Dark Tower | Cult Spark.