Update: Event To Honor University of Missouri Press [18 Aug. 2012]

A couple months ago I wrote a short post about the potential shut-down of the University of Missouri Press [you can find that here], and it turns out there has been a very good update to that situation.

I received an email from Ned Stuckey-French, a passionate representative of the Coalition to Save the University of Missouri Press, letting me know that the recently-in-danger press has been saved and is currently working on rebuilding connections and relationships that were nearly lost after 54 years of being a friend to so many writers and studying writers. Here’s an excerpt from the email I received:

“The University Reverses Itself and the U of Missouri Press is Restored: Because of your help, the Press will stay open as a scholarly press. On October 5, Clair Willcox was reinstated as editor-in-chief and given the title of associate director. Within two weeks he contacted more than 60 UMP authors, all of whom have agreed to keep their books with the Press and continue working with the new staff, something that former chancellor Wallace refers to as “a small miracle.”  The new staff includes Jane Lago, who, after a 33-year career at the Press, has returned as Consulting Director. Jane was very active in the struggle to save the Press. An advisory board that contains several more people active in the struggle to save the Press has been established to help oversee the rebuilding of the Press. This 21-member University of Missouri Press Advisory Board held its first meeting to discuss how to rebuild the catalog, reputation, and endowment of the Press on October 18.” [links from source material]

If anyone would like to see the entire email or wants to contact Stuckey or his organization, let me know with a comment or email me your contact info with “Univeristy of MO Press” in the subject. I’ll hook you up!