Stephen King auctions off The Regulators for charity

I knew I liked this guy for a reason. Mainly, because he does the things I would do before I get a chance to do them. He’s a huge silent mentor for me, and this only makes me more proud to admit that I’m a huge fan of his.

Through a small series of seemingly random events, King was presented with a rare edition of “his” (published under pseudonym Richard Bachman) novel The Regulators. He is autographing it and auctioning it off to help those in need receive heating supplies. Winters in the Northeast are crazy, especially considering the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy, and for him to make this selfless effort–utilizing a level of fame he’s spoken out against–reflects the one thing I think makes him a stellar author: insight to and empathy for the true nature of the human condition.

Rare Edition of Stephen King’s Novel The Regulators to be Auctioned For Charity.