Submittable’s Dropbox Chooser integration

Just got an email from Submittable’s Michael Fitzgerald, the topic of which I would like to share with my WordPress friends: Dropbox Chooser.

I know a friend who uses Dropbox, but I’m certain he isn’t the only one. Now, if you want to submit projects to a magazine or an editor who utilizes Submittable to compile submitted manuscripts–this integration allows you to do it from any device of your choice that’s connected to your Dropbox account!

The world just keeps getting smaller and smaller, huh?

With Submittable’s Dropbox Chooser integration, people can send work from their iPads | Submittable.


2 thoughts on “Submittable’s Dropbox Chooser integration

  1. The world is definitely getting smaller with Dropbox integrations which are increasing in number and quality. I am liking the Submittable integration a lot and it is a must have for WordPress users. Personally, I like Dropbox integration with GroupDocs more because of its ease of use but I will definitely use this one as well. Thanks!

    1. Greg,
      No problem! Glad to help. I have yet to experiment with Dropbox, but I’m still kind of “old school” about transferring all my stuff into digital formats. I like having hard copies, and I’m worried about digital versions crashing or being hacked and stolen. But thanks for sharing your GroupDocs integration with Dropbox! Any help is good help.

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