Bill Kling (APM) Discusses Creativity, Blowing the Fuses

Before finding this article, I had no idea who Bill Kling is or what he does for a living, who he represents. But I wish I could have taken a class from him during my 10-year escapade in college and post-graduate school. I found myself nodding along with his answers to the interviewers questions as if, “Yes, this is exactly what I needed to hear.” Definitely bookmarking this one.

My favorite bit: “A mentor of mine taught me that every perspective is additive, because every person sitting in a room is looking at things differently. Each of them has a different perspective. They come from a different way of thinking and different experiences. And their collective perspective gives you a better outcome. So you have to value the perspectives and try to organize those perspectives in some useful way that lets you go forward.”

Bill Kling of American Public Media, on Valuing Creativity –