From Authors Publish| Gemma Media

Gemma Media is an independent publisher that has managed to get a fair amount of distribution, which means that if you live in the US you might encounter their books on the shelves of libraries and bookstores. Gemma Media focuses on niche markets. They publish cultural memoir, current affairs, fiction, travel, and young adult books. They are not interested in books outside of these genres. –Emily Harstone, Authors Publish Magazine

In the most recent edition of Authors Publish Magazine (click to subscribe!), Emily Harstone details Gemma Media, who is now accepting query letters from writers of the genres listed above. Because some of those are near and dear to my heart, I want to make sure any writers of those genres hear me loud and clear. 😀

The winded article is worth your time, detailing submission guidelines and the publisher’s expectations, also noting the limited number of manuscripts Gemma publishes in a year. Harstone also brings to the writer’s attention Gemma’s lack of transparency in royalty terms. So, submit with caution and be very clear about contract terms, as they seem to operate in a traditional contract-based system.

Good luck! Click the link for Gemma Media’s submission guidelines: » Gemma Media: Open to Query Letters.