Authors Publish | Omnific Publishing Accepting Synopses

In their 62nd issue, Authors Publish shares an article on Omnific Publishing who is currently accepting synopses for books in the Romance genre.

Omnific Publishing is a romance publishing company that publishes digital books. Omnific started in 2009. At first it seemed like they faced a learning curve to a certain degree. However, they have turned into a successful publishing company, regularly landing books on the Kindle bestsellers lists. Also, a number of their books have been picked up by larger publishing companies for the print editions. One of their books was even given a 7 figure advance to be made into a movie. All this has happened in less than five years.

Here is a link to their submission guidelines, which explains they take all subgenres of romance including Contemporary, Young Adult, New Adult, Historical, Paranormal, and Erotic. However, they only accept one manuscript per author for consideration, and manuscripts should fall between the 60-175K word-length range. Anything above 175K will need to be edited down for publishing. So if romance or one of its compelling subgenres is your bag, reach in and submit your synopsis to Omnific Publishing today.

In case you don’t already know how, Writer’s Digest has some educational articles on how to write a book synopsis.