Publish | Post Mortem Press

With over 80 books in print since opening in late 2010, Post Mortem Press has grown from a distraction against the worries of a corporate career gone awry to a successful independent publishing concern. Post Mortem Press apparently did something unusual; they combined business acumen with a love of the written word and respect for the authors who create them. 


Having published some of the greats like Joe Hill, Clive Barker, Harlan Ellison, and Jack Ketchum in their anthologies, it is no surprise in my mind that Post Mortem went from a corporate distraction to full-on indie press.

They are currently open for True Crime and Non-fiction submissions from North American-based authors. Their non-fiction preferences lean toward books about the paranormal/haunted and media/movie books.  Here are the submission guidelines, very specific. But that makes it easier for them to get right into your manuscript–so be very aware of their checklist before submitting! Post Mortem Press has an 8-week read time and generally publishes 10-12 books per year.