In Service to the Stories

So, for the last week and a half, I’ve been thinking about two different things. I was going to write about them both in two separate blogs, but then I happened across a link in one of my weekly Google alerts to this book: Fearless Writing for Women: Extreme Encouragement and Writing Inspiration. A line from that book, where the author Susan Gabriel talks about artistic integrity and how to determine who to take advice from, mentions professionals in the field “who make a living in the service of stories.” Because she makes this statement on the first page of her book, I didn’t make it beyond that yet. But I certainly plan to.

Source Image: Heart of the Matter Online
Source Image: Heart of the Matter Online

The two things I had on my mind? The first day of school and why writers need editors–the phrase “make a living in the service of the stories” describes what I want to do as a copy editor and proofreader to the letter. I live in service to a great story–no matter the topic, no matter the genre.

Great stories deserve great platforms, and a strong foundation comes from displaying the proper mechanics of grammar, usage, spelling, syntax, punctuation, and all of those only scrape the surface of what an editor can provide an author, even a New York Times Best Seller.

How does the first day of school tie in? An editor can never stop learning, not with the way the industry keeps changing to meet new and potential technologies. And this time of year always gets me nostalgic for the first day of school. The excitement of a new (often, to me) outfit; new notebooks, pens, and pencils; and the potential for expanding my horizons–learning something new every day. I think I might have been one of a handful of kids from my school who actually enjoyed homework.

It is that joy, that desire to learn that drives my desire to give authors the best chance at being published and being seen as credible and reliable storytellers, no matter what kind of stories they tell.



2 thoughts on “In Service to the Stories

  1. Very well said!

    I, too, used to get excited for the first day of school. Not just for the things you mentioned, but also for the potential of meeting new people who may have moved to town during the summer. 😉

    Thank you for sharing and making me long for the excitement of days gone by! 😀

    1. Well, hey you! Thanks for stopping by. Of course, there was always the excitement of potential new students, but I was far too distracted by my new notebooks to notice. 😀

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