Does Your Work Bring You Joy?

Source: Action for Happiness Facebook Page
Source: Action for Happiness Facebook Page

When I was going through college, one of my daydreams was to have a job that I could do in my pajamas. I work better–my best, really–when I feel comfortably enough to really stretch my legs and reach out into the ether around me.

Frankly, I don’t feel more comfort than when I’m in my pj’s. And if I can inspire others while I’m in my pj’s, then I’m #winning for sure!

What’s great about my line of work, though, is that I’m already working with inspired hearts. Authors, writers, and lovers of language, regardless of career choice, are some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met and connected with. They’re passionate, knowledgeable, and–most of all–happy, happy to be pursuing their dreams and sharing that dream with others… even the novice copy editor.

What’s even better for them is that their passion is my passion–books. Aside from being able to roll out of bed and clock in, I’ve always wanted to work with books; well, stories really. They’ve been my passion for as long as I can remember, literally. I’ve known how to read for so long, I don’t remember learning how. The process of reading, of consuming stories became a way for me escape the dreariness of my own early existence. And it is my desire to share stories that drives me now.

Everyone has a story, being able to help in the sharing of those stories is the real dream come true for me; that’s the wellspring of my joy–knowing that someone, somewhere is loving the stories just as much I do. Let’s hope some comfy pajamas are there to complement all that reading!