#NaNoWriMo Day 1: The Foundation and The Frame

NaNoWriMo Banner 11.1.14

So, for National Novel Writing Month this year, I’m taking a different approach. For the last two years, I’ve gone the straight and narrow (almost literally) and completed a novel-style manuscript to reach the 50K goal set out for the month of November. Last year, wonderfully, the 50K wasn’t enough to encapsulate the entire story. It’s still “in progress” as we speak, but I’ve got an outline for it and big plans, with a bunch of other stories I’ve started and haven’t finished. However, what I’m working on this year is a short story collection with a related frame.

It’s also a genre I’ve never tried to write “professionally” before, and what I mean by that is I’ve written in this genre before but strictly as a fan writing fan fiction.

dun, dun, DUN!

So, I can imagine you’ve guessed the genre I’m writing in–erotica.  Not only that, lesbian erotica. *Oooh* And, not only that but supernatural lesbian erotica. *Oooh* Not just witches. No! Not just vampires. No! But ghosts, demons, and even zombies! YAY!


At least, that’s the plan I have so far, and after reaching 2,822 words just constructing the frame, the group therapy session (yeah, that’s a sneak peek–SHUSH!), and a majority of the characters, it’s just going to be a matter of getting each character’s story down.

I’m actually kind of excited about this. It would be my first thematic collection, written toward being a collection, in a genre of writing that I enjoy and don’t read nearly enough of. Whew! No pressure…

Good luck to all my other NaNo’s out there! How many words did you get today?