#NaNoWriMo Day 2: Continuing the Frame and Foundation

NaNoWriMo Banner 11.1.14

So, it’s day two and I’m still feeling really good about this collection and where it’s going. I’ve continued working on the frame and foundation of my story: Dr. James’ Talk Therapy Rejuvenation Center takes on addicts of every variety, and The Midnight Ladies are his special group therapy session every week. They have been admitted against their will, except for the newest resident, and Dr. James only wants to help them–help them tell their stories and face their demons.

But does he really believe their stories?

I’m still dealing with the intentions and motivations of my characters. Kitty, the newest resident, is surprising me with every word and thought. She brought herself to Dr. James because just last night she was attacked, though she doesn’t necessarily see it that way. Her mother, though, knows what’s right and has sent her to be cured at this rejuvenation center.

There will definitely be horror elements, but there will also be literary elements–dealing with the day-to-day aspects of having a sex addiction and also how that sex addiction has destroyed the familial bonds of each of these women. I see themes of gender expectations and gender roles popping up too, because it is a male doctor (sensitive and thoughtful as he is) helping lesbian sex addicts recover. But it isn’t just that they’re sex addicts–no, no, there’s something else going on here. Just who or what helps them meet the unending need they constantly feel? How do The Midnight Ladies come to terms with how the needs of their addictions were met, with how they came to end up Dr. James’ clients to begin with?

With another 2,132 words under my belt, this story is flowing like melted butter out of the holes of a toasted English muffin. But I can’t get cocky, the finish line is still 28 days away, and I have at least five other stories yet to tell. My work is definitely cut out for me, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Total Word Count, so far: 4,954/50,000