#NaNoWriMo Day 3: Finally Meeting the Girls

NaNoWriMo Banner 11.1.14

Now that the doctor has gone home, the ladies can come out and play! I’ve finally worked into the names, characters, and back stories of each of my characters. There are seven ladies among the group, and each have their own personality and back story that I will flesh out into individual short stories. I’ll have to work on ways to bring the frame back up or I may have all the girls share their stories with Kitty, the new girl, all in the same night. It all depends on how the stories flow, how the characters gel.

So far, so good on that front. They are having a good time right now, hanging out in Lilith’s room (she’s been there the longest) and trying to get to know each other outside the regimented group therapy session where they all met. Well, almost all of them. There is one girl restricted from the rest, and Kitty got to meet her: Colleen. Her story will come up later, but I don’t know exactly how it will be told considering her condition. Maybe utilizing some recording device or having one of the other girls tell her story, as she isn’t exactly in a story-telling frame of mind.

I always struggle with conclusions when I write, which is probably why I have the novella-length works in progress that I do. The story just never seems finished to me, I guess, and I’m struggling with how to transition into the short stories from the frame and whose story to tell first. I have a supernatural force coupled to each character right now, based on the personality traits they’ve showed me — and I’m not outlining for this, just going with an organic flow to see where each character/each story takes me — and I think those stories will be told in the first person. Which is why I’m struggling a bit with Colleen’s, because of her condition she isn’t exactly capable of telling her own story. Right now, all she’s worried about is food…

And I’m not totally familiar with the mental institution/cushy rehab facility differences and similarities. So I’m using mental institution lingo, but the security in this place is very lax. But that’s okay, because these women aren’t the monsters — though their family members and former flames might disagree. Since they aren’t trying to harm themselves or others, it seems strange that other hypersexuals in the facility are quite immature when it comes to our Midnight Ladies support group/rehab wing.

In other words, it’s fleshing out quite right. Lots of inventory and personality quirks for me to work with. With another 1,823 words today, I’ve bumped my overall total into the upper 6000s, and earned a new NaNo badge: 5000 words milestone. That’s what I love about the NaNo website and administrative group there; they are always trying to find ways to motivate and support us November novelists. It definitely helps maintain steam!

Total Word Count, so far: 6,777/50,000