#NaNoWriMo Day 4: On to the First Story

NaNoWriMo Banner 11.1.14

So, today I’ve finally completed the frame and I’m ready to go into the first story of the collection. Though, the frame is becoming something of a story itself. I can’t wait to see where it goes. The girls are still getting along fine, still hanging out in Lilith’s room, but Kitty was asked again to reveal her story when she just isn’t ready to, yet. She needs to know that she truly belongs here: being that she’s the youngest in the group, and it was her mother’s decision that she come after she was attacked.

Now, she just needs to know that she’s in the right spot.

Lilith, the maternal figure in the group, though not the oldest, has a response when Kitty counters the group’s inquiry to share with a request to hear one of their stories first. No one volunteers but Lilith; however, it’s with a story that isn’t technically hers to share, even though she was present when it was first told. Colleen, this ward’s only restricted patient, needed to have her story recorded when she was admitted because the good Dr. James didn’t really think she’d always be around to tell it. Hers isn’t the first story he’s recorded for perpetuity, but it’s the only one he’s ever shared.

And, Lilith has never shared it before tonight. So, all of the girls, not just the new girl, will actually get to hear Colleen’s story firsthand.

Today’s writing, 1,882 words, sent me up over 8500, and boosted by daily average to above 2000 words. And, this is how the first week went the last two years. It’s the second and third week, when I really get into the thick of the story that word counts seem to ebb along with the time to write. I’m certainly hoping life keeps out of the way this month, it’s flowing like the Nile (That’s a little joke for newly named Theo, who’s obsessed with ancient history.) and I don’t want to stop it now!

Total Word Count, so far: 8,659/50,000