#NaNoWriMo Day 6: Character Development in First Story

NaNoWriMo Banner 11.1.14

Colleen is really showing her teeth in the new development of the first short story in my collection. What was going along as a strange night with an officer from a nearby fort became a near-death experience that Colleen just wasn’t prepared for, and she’s not willing to just take it without asking some questions. She’s got a strong attitude, and I’m already regretting the fact that her story has to end. What started out as a somewhat limiting perspective has turned into a bright, shiny character with a unique mindset, world view, and experience.

There were a couple of points where I felt stuck, wasn’t quite sure where to go, but my inventory saved me. Setting up the scene, generating an image based in reality, even allowing the girls listening in to break in a little, really gave this portion of the story a place to go and space to fill. It’s true when they say how important your inventory is to your story. Make sure you give your characters a dynamic location and effective props to keep the scene and overall plot going.

Introduced some new characters for Colleen’s story, fleshed out her boss Ray and a bit more of her back story, and we finally get a name and minor description for the officer who will infect Colleen. I still have at least three scenes to flesh out, which will bring this story to its close, or at least the place where Colleen is restricted and basically unable to function, where she is now. Hearing her speak, though, and listening to her interact with Dr. James and now Lilith has been absolutely delightful.

With 1,872 words today, I’m maintaining my 2000+ daily word average and bumped myself up over 12,000 words. But I’m feeling the burn. I almost didn’t write today because I wanted some more time to think about the frame and the foundation I’d laid for Colleen’s story, but I’m glad that I mushed on and packed on a little more word weight for this week.

Would anyone like to buddy up with me? Hopefully, that link is my profile link. Add me; I love making new writing buddies! I’ve been cataloging my progress on the NaNoWriMo site, which you can click the banner above to go there.

Total Word Count, so far: 12,232/50,000