#NaNoWriMo Day 7: Almost a Washout

NaNoWriMo Banner 11.1.14

I almost didn’t get the chance to write today. I had some editing projects land on my desk, quite unceremoniously except for the fact that it all happened at once. One project I wasn’t sure about (which means I felt completely overwhelmed and unsure that I should have even applied for it), and the other I haven’t started yet. It’s my first ESL piece, and I’m a little worried about that, too. But, if that goes anything like the academic piece I edited yesterday and this morning, I know I’ll be prepared for it.

So, writing for today was not as fruitful as it has been so far this week, and–thankfully–it wasn’t due to writer’s block or any fault of mine other than maybe underestimating just how much work it takes to cut the word count of an academic article in half. Geesh!

I didn’t even make the daily count 960/1667, and my daily average has slipped to just over 1800, but I’m primed for making the daily word limit for tomorrow. Thankfully, again, I busted my ass the first couple days this week, and that cushion helps me not feel like my less than 1000 words today is abject failure.

Only got a little farther with Colleen’s story, but we’re getting into the scene where she and her officer sort of take advantage of the human contact they can give each other while the world seems to be crumbling around them. I want this scene to be gentle, tender, and reflective of the grasp at humanity that it truly is–it’s beyond addiction and not just for the release, in this case. And because it’s being shared firsthand to complete strangers and being recorded, Colleen is going to choose her words carefully, and probably not go into the more intimate details…

Or, maybe she will. I’m still learning how to read her, and so far she’s been very forthright about things–her daddy worries about her and her mother died and she can admit she’s “girl crazy” but not an addiction, per se–which makes me wonder about her desire to reveal all that happened between her and “Officer” Charles (it’s the soldier’s last name, “officer” because rank is currently unknown and will probably remain so).

Anyway, I got some words down today, so it wasn’t a Randall-Flagg style washout at least!

Total Word Count, so far: 13,192/50,000