Writer’s Digest | Increase Your Daily Word Count While Away From Your Computer

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Jessica Strawser at Writer’s Digest magazine gives the busy writer (and she knows a little something about that!) three instant ways, literally right at your fingertips, to up that word count–even when you can’t be near your laptop or home computer. You can read the entire article at the link right below, but enjoy the excerpt explaining just how important these three little tools are to this extra busy writer!

3 Ways to Increase Your Daily Word Count While Away From Your Computer | WritersDigest.com.

When people find out I’ve got a novel in progress, they inevitably stop to take in my energetic 3-year-old boy, already-almost-walking 9-month-old girl, and full-time job overseeing Writer’s Digest magazine and say the same thing: Wow, you have your hands full.

I do. Literally. If I’m not in the office, you can often find me with a giggling, hair-pulling baby in my arms, a pot on the stove (or, um, the pizza guy on the phone), and a little boy dressed as a superhero tugging on my pant leg.

So for me, pushing my daily word count is about finding ways to write in between the times when I can actually sit uninterrupted at my laptop. Here are three methods that work for me—and may just work for you, too.