#NaNoWriMo Day 9: Starting Second Story

NaNoWriMo Banner 11.1.14

Whoo! Starting this second story has been quite exciting. It’s true what they say about the quiet ones, you’ve gotta look out for them. Vivienne is truly blossoming right before me, when she’s finally given some space to talk she’s quite articulate (and much easier to transcribe than Colleen’s southern accent).

Poor Vivienne is drawn to the dark and powerful, though her overt draw is to the fantastic. She hasn’t acknowledged her love of sex yet so much as her love of power, and the desire to have a woman of power love her. Mainly, she’s a lesbian with “mommy issues”, but she’s still got a lot of story to tell. So far, 5 years’ worth, and with the back story I’ve gotten so far I think I could make that timeline work.

Now, with this story being told in the first person, including the interjections from the group is getting a little harder. I don’t think streamlining them into the narrative, as Vivi is telling it, will maintain clarity for the reader. Because she’s going solely into first-person, I’m not having her direct her speech to the girls. It’s as if she’s dictating it for someone else to write it (hmm, that’s mighty organic!). So, I’m creating different “sections” which float back and forth between Vivi’s firsthand recount and the group’s third-person perspective. It’s a little jumpy while I write, but reading it is kind of smooth. Kind of. I don’t know… here’s a little bit, what do you think?

“How do you think we got here, Vivienne? Sleeping with each other?” My mother would laugh at the notion of lesbianism, casting it off as an intimate cousin to laziness. “You’re just avoiding your fate, young lady. Someday a great man will come along, ask for your hand, and you’ll present him with—what? Thick knuckles and lady parts on your breath?”

That got a laugh from the room, and though Vivienne hadn’t laughed back then she did now.
“Did she really say that to you?” Kitty asked.

For such a great desire to be upper crust, my mother could be quite vulgar with her speech and in her thoughts. She felt like she was training me, for being a lady, but really she was just piquing my interests in the same sex. The more fiery she got, the more adamant she was that I choose a man, that a great man would want me one day, all I wanted, longed for, was a woman like her—to come and sweep me off to some great castle, with great power, and shower her love on me.

Does that little break, going from the first-person account to the third-person current, work? Is it smooth? Does it make sense? I’m certain it does for me because I know what it’s supposed to do, but if it isn’t clear to someone reading it for the first time, then I’ll have to reconfigure. Any suggestion one way or the other, or in another way entirely, would be welcome!

At 1,830 words today, I’ve surpassed tomorrow’s word count goal, but my daily average is still hanging on in upper-1800s. But I’ll be back tomorrow, and I can’t wait to reveal the rest of Vivienne’s story!

Total Word Count, so far: 17,022/50,000