#NaNoWriMo Day 11: Fleshing Out the Second Story

NaNoWriMo Banner 11.1.14

Holy Plot and Character Development, Batman! I am loving the chemistry between Vivienne and Arabella so far. Vivienne is just beginning to realize that Arabella might not be all she says she is, but now that Vivienne has stood up to her mother and gotten clearance to go with this woman for the afternoon–she’s feeling, literally, drunk with power. She’s throwing bassinets (the aforementioned shitty birthday present) and taking a step of faith following Arabella out of her home.

Not to mention that I have reached more depth and breadth in just over 4,000 words than Colleen’s story reached in over 6,000. However, like Lilith mentioned at the end of that chapter, “Colleen only had one chance to tell her story, and I think she did it justice.” Which is more than true. So, Vivienne is interacting with the girls directly, finding things out about her own story that are surprising her, and making revelations to the girls on what’s to come.

I packed in 2,126 words today, and there’s only more to come. My daily word count average is still in the upper-1800s, and I’ve surpassed tomorrow’s word count goal. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow reveals.

All the best to my fellow November Novelists!!!

Total Word Count, so far: 20,578/50,000