#NaNoWriMo Day 12: Because Back Story.

NaNoWriMo Banner 11.1.14Vivi and Arabella are finally on their way out the door. Her mother is indifferent, and I think kind of hurt, by the whole situation, but there’s too much pride between them to admit it right now. Vivi has finally stood up to her mother, told her that a man and child is not what she wants for her life, and is taking her writing and going with Arabella–for now.

Vivienne knows Arabella isn’t all that she says she is, but she’s so wrapped up in her own desires–and finally realizing them–that she doesn’t ask questions, she doesn’t wonder about the power of the woman before her–except that she has it and is willing to wield it on Vivi’s behalf.

We even take a short intermission with some of the girls back in Lilith’s room and find out a little bit more (kind of more of the same) about Kitty and her mother. Well, since Colleen’s father was pretty cool (more worried about the people around his daughter freaking out than freaking out himself), I guess it’s kind of balanced to have Kitty and Vivi’s moms freak about their lesbianism. Hopefully, out of the next four stories we’ll come across more cool parents and fewer irate or uncompromising parents. I hate writing all the nasty things they say to their kids when they don’t agree.

Eh, that’s back story for you.

I wrote 1,705 words, keeping my daily word average over 1800, and I’m making my way towards NaNo’s next word count badge: 25,000. Thankfully, I’ve been keeping ahead of the daily word count goal, so I’m already inching toward Day 14’s goal, surpassing Day 13’s goal with what I wrote today.

How are all of you doing so far?

Total Word Count, so far: 22,283/50,000