Writer’s Digest | 5 Moral Dilemmas That Make Characters Better

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Steven James offers advice via “The Writer’s Dig” on Writer’s Digest toward making a character’s journey and, thus, your story, more compelling. Moral dilemmas hang up even the most mundane of blokes; however, giving your very dynamic, three-dimensional characters a moral dilemma can force them to make a choice, take an action, or propel your story in some other creative way.

Read the entire article with the link below, and enjoy an excerpt about how intriguing the moral dilemma is for your readers!

5 Moral Dilemmas That Make Characters (& Stories) Better | WritersDigest.com.

Readers can’t resist turning pages when characters are facing tough choices. Use these 5 keys to weave moral dilemmas into your stories—and watch your fiction climb to new heights.