#NaNoWriMo Day 20: The Art of Conversation

NaNoWriMo Banner 11.1.14

This story has gone on much longer than I ever could have imagined, and now that we’re getting close to the end; it almost feels like Vivi is stalling. Trying to cram in detail after detail, and all I can think about is the other girls’ stories. Maybe I should do some plotting or short writing spurts out of turn. When I get into writing this story, sometimes, it feels like it could go on for the length of a novel on its own. But when I get to a stopping point, the first thing I think is always, “Ah, almost done.”

It’s not that I don’t like Vivi and Arabella’s story–I sure do! I just want to make sure everyone else gets proper representation. There’s just instances where I have to draw things out, even though I could easily be like, “And then they had sex. Loved each other for five years, and Vivi’s mother tries to kill Arabella in order to institutionalize her daughter. The End.” But that’s not very interesting storytelling…

So, to bring in the title of this here blog post, Vivi and Arabella are finally discussing the intricacies of their relationship. Who Arabella really  is and what Vivi will really be doing for her. Though, Arabella is doing a good job at stringing Vivi along, using her desires against her. Vivi isn’t showing any fear in presenting her doubts and thoughts to Arabella. They are just having a nice conversation, and I think we’re learning a lot about each character for it.

Dialogue is probably one of the major things that writers struggle with. It’s something I hear complained about occasionally, and something that writers often complain about needing more practice with. However, I love dialogue because it’s the characters speaking for themselves. Why they say things or don’t, why they feel compelled to say things or not are all ways to get to know your characters. It gives you an open window into their minds, their desires. And if nothing else propels your story (and this story, in particular) the desires of your characters should.

I wrote 2,043 words today, keeping my daily average above 1900. I’ve put my word count beyond the Day 23 goal by 400 words, and I can’t believe I’m still only on the second story. Totally crazy!

How are all of you doing so far?

Total Word Count, so far: 38,752/50,000