Writer’s Market | How to Get Your Book #Published

NaNoWriMo Banner 11.1.14

National Novel Writing Month ends next week, and even though you will get coupons and various publishing-related deals for “winning”, some of us may not reach that deadline. That doesn’t mean you should give up on the story you’ve started!

Give it some more time and finish it. Even if it means waiting another year to put another 50,000 words on it. When you finish, though, the option may be to publish the gem of a story you’ve created. That would be very cool, and though there is no one way (or right way) to go about publishing your story–you may still have questions about the process. Though this article comes from a more traditional perspective, the information within is still current, still viable.

Robert Lee Brewer is the editor of Writer’s Market, and he’s outlined some of the best points about traditional publishing and what an author would need to do in order to get their book published.

Read the entire article by clicking the link below, and enjoy an excerpt about how Writer’s Market can help you in the process of getting published.

How to Get a Book Published: Getting a Book Published is Easy | Writer’s Market

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