#NaNoWriMo Day 21: Staying the Course

NaNoWriMo Banner 11.1.14

I am staying the course. Vivienne is summarizing now, and they’ve shared their third anniversary. Arabella asked her to move in, and Vivi just got some interesting news about her lady love. Vivienne’s mother gave her the tool that will save her life at the end of the five years. And there’s a closed door that needs to be opened soon. I’m really looking forward to the end of this story.

I wrote 3,176 words today, boosting my average daily word count to 1,996. I’ve put my word count beyond the Day 25 goal by nearly 300 words, and I’m hoping to finish Vivi’s story either tomorrow or Sunday. I’m sure you’re all getting tired of reading about how close I am to the end of this story…

How are all of you doing so far?

Total Word Count, so far: 41,928/50,000