How to Pick the Right #Publisher

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Kelsye Nelson has a lot of publishing advice, and I get a regular email from her proving as much. In a guest post from Kerry Colburn and Jen Worick, the discussion leans toward how to build your wishlist of publishers for your book. Their conclusion? Power is in the research and knowing what you want from a publisher in terms of relationship building and marketing practices.

Read the entire article by clicking the link below, and enjoy an excerpt on how you can conduct research on your own, before clicking the mighty Google button.

Who’s on Your Publishing Wish List? |

When you are developing your manuscript and your book proposal, start developing your wish list, those dream publishers or agents with whom you’d love to sign. As you peruse the shelves or search competitive titles online, pay particular notice to who’s publishing each title. Notice if certain publishers keep coming up again and again, which might indicate that they publish regularly into that category or genre.



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