Writer’s Digest | 4 Ways to Write a Killer #PlotTwist

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From Rachel Scheller at the Writer’s Digest blog, “There Are No Rules”, we are presented with four steps from author Steven James as advice on how to write killer plot twists. The plot twist is probably one of my favorite story elements, and I always appreciate a good one. Sounds like I need to pick up or go see Gone Girl because that is the example used here, and the comments after the article confirm the choice.

Not only do you get a description for each of the methods toward writing an effective plot twist, but you’re also presented with questions you can ask yourself while you’re writing toward that effective plot twist. It’s definitely worth the read.

Read the entire article by clicking the link below, and enjoy an excerpt about the importance of successful plot twists.

4 Ways to Write a Killer Plot Twist | WritersDigest.com

And here’s the thing: As implausible as some of the occurrences in Gone Girl are, they’re also set up in such a way that I embraced each of them, one right after the other. They felt organic. They felt natural. They didn’t feel forced.

How do we do that when writing fiction? How do we write plot twists and turns into our stories without seeming overly obvious? How do we surprise readers without coming completely out of left field?