#NaNo Update | Continuing on with Third Story

So, this is my first stretch of writing in Midnight Ladies that doesn’t count toward a word count. It’s kind of nice, just to write, for writing’s sake. 🙂

Anyway, I started the third story–Julia’s story, which is taking on a great pace so far, and it feels like real writing. I don’t know how else to describe it, except to say that it feels like I’m writing words that sound like they belong in a book. Constructing Julia’s world, her parents, siblings, and the strife of moving into a new house, the stresses of small-town living and small-world connections, has happened quite easily today. It feels real (there’s that word again).

Meeting these characters–especially Julia’s mother, Kathy–so far has been interesting; and I have to admit that I love the feeling of having to pull myself away from a story. It makes it that much easier to go back the next day. Or, in my case, the next week–unless I can find some time in the next couple days…

Hopefully there will be more Midnight Ladies to update about sooner rather than later.

Written Words Today: 3,036