Writer’s Digest | Consider This When Writing a #BookProposal

Selling the book you’ve written is no easy feat, no matter which stick you shake at it: fiction, non-fiction, memoir, or even self-help. So many stories are being written and aimed at publication, that publishers often require a book proposal as one of the first steps toward publishing.

So, what are the major things you should consider when writing a book proposal?

Rachel Scheller from “There Are No Rules” at Writer’s Digest provides a platform for Ryan G. Van Cleave to tell writers the 3 big questions they should ask before writing a book proposal.

Read the entire article by clicking the link below, and enjoy an introductory excerpt about a common reaction to writing a book proposal.

3 Questions to Ask When Writing a Book Proposal | WritersDigest.com.

The nonfiction book proposal is a unique creature. It’s an essential package that you must create to attract the attention of publishers and “sell” them on your book, but most writers balk at the thought of spending weeks and even months developing and honing it.

But what if you could accelerate the process of creating your nonfiction book proposal? What if you could write a powerful proposal both quickly and professionally?