#NaNo Update | Into the House We Go

So, I managed to write a little bit this morning on Midnight Ladies, and I got Julia’s family into the house they will be living in when she’s approached by her lady. Julia’s mother, Kathy, has a history with the man who’s renting the house to them, and her dad is quick to stop any unnecessary nastiness from Hale Moriarty–the landlord. He even zeroes in on Julia because she looks so much like her mother.

But Hale is not the worst this family will face [Ooh, crap! I don’t think I’ve given them a surname yet!].

Now, I’ve established the home’s location as old, old as dirt, a home that was constructed before any other people were there and which was consumed by the nearest city as it expanded its borders. It’s only been owned by the rich and eccentric; so it has all the modern flare within its ancient walls. Recently, it fell into ill-repair and Hale doesn’t want to fix it himself. How did he come into ownership of the place?

Hm, guess we’ll have to tune in next week… Same story time, same story channel.

Words Written Today: 977