Writer’s Digest | How to Develop a #WritingPlan

On the tails of NaNoWriMo, establishing a writing plan after writing daily or weekly for an entire month might seem excessive. Or, it could give you a small goal to reach regularly that makes meeting that coming-too-soon or straight-out-of-left-field deadline seem less overwhelming.

Being an editor, understanding how a writing plan works can also help me assist writers who feel they need coaching and a knowledgeable shoulder to lean upon. It can also give me an insight to how stories can be constructed, which can make coming in for the first steps of editing that much simpler.

Cris Freese for “There Are No Rules” presents an excerpt from the WD “go-to guide” Crafting Novels & Short Stories: A Complete Guide to Writing Great Fiction.

Read the entire article by clicking the link below and enjoy an introductory excerpt about how this excerpt and all of its source material will help you create a strong writing plan.

Developing a Writing Plan: How to Write Your Novel or Short Story | WritersDigest.com.

The selected portion will help you develop a plan to start writing immediately and turn writing into a habit, rather than a chore or an exercise. The entire book will assist you with whatever you’re currently writing: flash fiction, a short story, a novel, or an epic trilogy. It features advice and instruction from best-selling authors and writing experts like Nancy Kress, Elizabeth Sims, Hallie Ephron, N.M. Kelby, Heather Sellers, and Donald Maass, plus a foreword by James Scott Bell.