#NaNo Update | Establishing Location

I’ve put my poor little family (and still without a surname!) in quite a strange little house, and now I’m at the point in Julia’s story where the family is interacting with the house and finding their places within it. In the basement is a collection of discarded furniture in various styles from a variety of different eras–it’s clear the previous tenants were not just upgrading or remodeling.

I wonder what made those families leave, without their belongings?

Julia just found out that her parents were given some kind of information about the history of the house–which has been scant since the beginning–by Hale, but she isn’t quite ready to hear it yet. So, she doesn’t ask, and when she does, she doesn’t give her mother a chance to answer. And now Joey has disappeared from the backyard.

It is a strange and unsettling little house Kevin has brought his family into, but what is Hale’s angle in all of this? He seems a little too interested in Julia, Kathy, and their family. He also doesn’t seem to like Kevin very much? Was his bumping into Julia’s dad at the cafe more than coincidence? And why was he warning Julia about the attic, to be careful there?

The location seems to be becoming as much of a character in this story as any of the people. I only wish I had all day to write! Glad I was able to get some in though.

Words Written Today: 1,678