Writer.ly | 5 (Intended) Tasks for a #SelfPublished Media Plan

At the Writer.ly Community, Abigail Carter takes us along with her publishing journey, and she’s exploring the elements as she faces them–much like other self-published authors are. Here, she’s presented with the obstacle of a media plan to get recognition from a distribution company–just another channel the book must pass through before getting to the local book store.

The distributor asked Abigail to send a copy of her book along with her media plan. Justifiably so, Abigail was taken off-guard–as any one of us might have been–at least the distribution representative was kind enough to give her a quick list of the typical elements.

I think the most important part of Abigail’s article, though, is the fact that she turned to her own connections in order to fulfill the media plan’s requirements. Sometimes, we can forget the power of our own connections.

You can learn from Abigail’s lesson by clicking the link below, and you can enjoy an informative excerpt summarizing the importance of a media plan to a distributor.

The Self-Published Book Media Plan: A List of (Intended) Tasks – Writer.ly Community.

β€œMedia plan?” I said, no doubt sounding like every other naive self-published author he deals with on a regular basis. He went on to explain that the plan would list any readings I had scheduled, how many people invited, attending, etc.; scheduled media events such as radio interviews or TV (as if!) or newspaper articles; a copy of my media release and anything else I had planned around the launch of my book.


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