Pop | Lake Superior’s #BanishedWords of 2015

For the last 40 years, Lake Superior State University has kept up the tradition of banishing certain words from general usage due to mis- or overuse. Though I’m seeing some of these words for the first time on this list (I admit, I don’t watch a lot of TV news or TV, period.), there are others listed here that I’m all for giving the old heave-ho!

You can view the entire list at the link below, while I’m just going to nitpick the ones I’m glad were highlighted this year!

Lake Superior State University :: Banished Words List :: 2015

1) Bae

This little collection of three letters really caused a stir last year. While I also find it a ridiculous term of endearment, there are goofier ones and far sweeter ones to employ than one which may have a nasty international meaning.

2) Cra-Cra

Please, to whichever mythological figure is looking over the land of letters, let this six-letter (or eight-letter, depending on if you add the “y”) phrase just go the hell away. It is so annoying to hear (Progressive Insurance Box, I’m talking to you!), and to whomever started it? May your tongue fall out and rot.

MeliSwenk Google Search Results
MeliSwenk Google Search Results







3) Friend-raising

This is one of the words I’m experiencing for the first time on this list, and I’m pretty glad of that. I wouldn’t like hearing this too many times in one conversation, let alone actually partaking in the action. It sounds like it cheapens the connection of friendship by attaching a monetary expectation (or reward?). Hopefully, this suggestion won’t be taken lightly.

4) Enhanced Interrogation

Really? Did I wake up in a live-action version of 1984? Yes, this phrase needs to go. If you can’t call a spade a spade, maybe you shouldn’t use it.

5) Skill set

While I don’t have a specific gripe against this word (phrase?), I wouldn’t mind never using it again because I can never remember if it’s one word or two. Thanks to Lake Superior, I’ll never forget.

Now, I’m a staunch censorship dissenter. I don’t like bleeping words or calling words “bad” or anything like that. It’s all expression, but some words and phrases are simply annoying and are better left forgotten.

Which words did you want LSSU to banish for the new year?


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    1. Yes, please! Let’s definitely strike that one from the record. Thank God it hasn’t made it into any dictionaries yet. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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