#NaNo Update | Control of Information

If there’s one element of story writing that I love it’s the control of information, and I have so much more respect for writers who handle this element deftly. I thoroughly enjoy a good plot twist, and unlike other readers, I love it even better if I never saw it coming. I also enjoy red herrings and unsolved mysteries–sometimes things don’t come with happy endings.

In my third story, with Julia, there has been a current of information that has been murky since the beginning: who “owns” the house they just moved into and what is its history. I mean, it’s easy to find out who’s purchased the house and then lived in it and fixed it up. But, how did it get there? What’s up with the attic? And, should they really be utilizing that treasure trove of furniture “stored” in the low-ceiling basement?

Who has what information and when will it come out? Joey, Julia’s younger brother, and Julia herself heard a warning and the actual danger straight from Hale’s mouth. Their parents also heard about the history of the house from Hale, but when will they get together and compare notes? What will have to happen?

For now, though, Julia, Kevin and Kathy (her parents), and Joey and Jess (her younger twin siblings), are settling in quite nicely. Their house, so far, has been warm and welcoming to them. But, how much longer will that really last?

Words Written Today: 1,407