Narrative Magazine offers Art of the #Story #Workshop

Tom Jenks, the co-founder and editor of Narrative literary magazine is offering an intensive four-day workshop for novelists, short story writers, and authors of creative non-fiction.

The class will meet every day for four days, with a morning workshop and an afternoon seminar focused on craft. For the seminar, there will be reading assignments and study of works by well-known writers. Each participant will have one manuscript workshopped in class and a second manuscript reviewed for an individual conference with Tom. We will study storytelling and the formal elements of fiction, including voice, point of view, characterization, imagery, plot, and theme. Attention will also be given to scene building, sentence making, and the dramatic movement of descriptive writing.

The program can only accept twelve participants, which is based on the evaluation of a submitted manuscript. Application deadline is January 23, 2015, and the class runs from May 14 to 17. Find out more and apply using the link below!

The Art of the Story | Narrative Magazine.