#NaNo Update | Bringing the #Characters to Life

And, since I know you’ve all just been waiting for it, we have a surname for Julia’s family: Edwin. Ah, Meet the Edwins: Kevin, Kathy, Julia, Jessica, and Joe. Yeah, that feels right.

Today, I spent some time going back over what I’d written and making some small editing changes. Punctuation and continuity errors and such. I also spent some time focusing on the details, because I’ve realized that’s where the characters really come to life. In the details. Their nuanced conversation and the choices they make in the knowledge they have can make them pop off the page or lay flat. It’s tied up in the moment where solid writing intersects with the clarity of a character’s fate.

Sometimes, for some characters, all they have is waiting for fate to come along and happen. Some characters go headlong running toward their fate with teeth bared and claws sharp, grabbing for it, pursuing at a break-neck speed. Julia and her family are meandering into the hole fate has dug for them; some characters never see it coming. This is the bad thing that happens to good people, unexpected bumps in the road–in a road that already feels so bumpy.

But, it is also the depiction of the resilience or the complete breakdown a character experiences that can make them pop or flop–being an effective writer means being able to show the reader what the resilience or the breakdown does and putting the reader in that situation; showing them what can happen when a person is faced with what seems insurmountable but can be defeated with courage and self-awareness.

Words Written Today: 1,263