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Abigail Carter at the Writer.ly Community has been gracious enough to share her publishing woes with the world in a generous attempt to make it easier on the rest of us. Though Amazon.com, Kindle, and CreateSpace are pretty ubiquitous to the self-publishing realm, IngramSpark is coming up behind rather quickly. I’ve heard the name tossed around a bit, but this is the first eye-witness experience I’ve seen detailed by an actual author using their system.

From the sounds, it isn’t a slick and smooth process–but, is anything in this business slick and smooth besides the final product? Unlikely. Abigail discusses the design, uploading, and final cost issues of working with IngramSpark and if it was ultimately worth it.

Read the entire article by following the link and enjoy a brief excerpt below.

Publishing a Paperback with IngramSpark – Writer.ly Community.

I decided to publish the paperback version of my book, Remember the Moon with IngramSpark because I felt they had a better ability to distribute my book across a wider range of venues (actual bookstores) than Amazon’s CreateSpace.

At first glance, it seemed like it would be an easy process. Post a pdf of the cover and the interior, upload and voila! Get a proof and you’re off and selling! Of course reality is always more painful.


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