T Magazine | The #Writer’s Room

What a delightful little read from the New York Times‘ fashion and pop culture supplement, T Magazine. “The Writer’s Room” explores the unique (if essentially similar) spaces where Tom McCarthy, Rachel Kushner, Paul Muldoon, Adam ThirlwellChinelo OkparantaPeter Carey, and Jonathan Galassi create.

Source: T Magazine / Peter Carey in NYC Apartment Office

A table or other desk-like apparatus, surrounded by mementos, pictures, notes, and other books, items of a writer’s and a reader’s life. Reminders of why we write to begin with, and silent inspiration looking down upon the creator from walls, or up from floors. The space used to create is special to each author, despite their inherent similarities. Not only do we create worlds for others, we ultimately create a space where we feel comfortable enough to do that creating. Nesting, in a special way, for the abstract babes that will eventually grow there.

Having a special room to create is not a new concept, nor was it something Virginia Woolf created out of thin air. Writing is often a wholly isolated action, and if we’re going to spend all that time alone we need to be reminded of the connections we have to humanity, to the world around us. That’s what makes for great writing.

Hopefully, these spaces will inspire you in the construction of your own writing room.

T Magazine | The Writer’s Room.