#NaNoWriMo Day 5 | New Characters and a Face-Off #AmWriting

Source: NaNoWriMo.org
Source: NaNoWriMo.org

So, I purposefully took the day off to do some reading yesterday–I’m in the middle of Jack Ketchum’s ebook Peaceable Kingdom right now–and I’m so much the better for it! We met a new character and my antagonist and protagonist finally meet face-to-face, and it’s kind of unceremonial–but I like that aspect of it. It’s low-key (for being a response to the protagonist’s first escape attempt) and isn’t a big, bloody fight–at least, not right now. All that might change. There is a whole other 24 hours that they will have with each other. Does she get away? Will they be discovered? And by whom?

Like I mentioned the other day, I have scenes plotted, and there are a handful of people who may discover them. The new character already knows that a woman is being held against her will, but will he be able to make it to the police? Will the police believe him when he gets there?

Got over 2000 words today, cleared two scenes away, the new character and the instigation scene I started the other day. Now, we’re going into the third and final day for the story. I’m so excited to wrap this up! So glad I decided to go this route this year.

How are you all doing on Day 5? Are you making goals, struggling? Keep on keeping on, Authors!

Words written Day 5: 2,178