#Social | Follow MeliSwenk on Pinterest!

Even though I haven’t been very regular here at the blog–I mean, last year’s NaNo stuff is still up for Pete’s sake–I have been active in other forums. Mainly, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Though, I’m sure you all already know about FB and Twitter because I’ve employed modules here, I just thought some of my readers may enjoy and employ Pinterest for story boarding, collecting character-bio ideas, and sorting articles on publishing, writing, and editing advice.

And, I’m sure you all needed one more outlet to collect data from, am I right? #infooverload

Though I have plenty of other boards that may interest the casual Pinner, especially ones with an affinity for Marc Bolan or Tim Curry, here are the few of my boards that other readers, writers, and book aficionados may enjoy!

The “Language Lothario” Board:


The “To Read” Board:


The “Books by You” Community Board:


The “Museums, Libraries, and Archives, Oh my!” Board:


The “Love on the Shelf” Board:


Those are the most literary of the bunch; so feel free to browse and enjoy, and I hope to see you on Pinterest soon!!