#AmEditing | New Project: The LoveLetter

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I work for this lovely lady, Ingrid Prescott, and she’s created a new lifestyle and wellness brand: Lovin Self. By combining a deep passion to work for herself with an even deeper passion to help people fulfill their own dreams, combat stress and fatigue with daily life, and take responsibility for the choices they’ve made, Ingrid promotes Lovin Self with the 2BMe campaign and jewelry line and Essential Moments bath salts and teas.

If that wasn’t enough, Ingrid set up another campaign, the iMatter Campaign, which includes a pledge card detailing how making this pledge guarantees SELF one day per week to be pampered and removed from “the daily grind.”

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To further her message, Ingrid asked me to create a monthly newsletter with stories about fulfilling your dreams and making your daily life more simple by taking real, genuine care of SELF. I get to choose each month’s topic, the stories included, and conduct the research for each of the stories that require it. You will find links to each new issue in the sidebar of this blog: The LoveLetter.

So far, the newsletters have touched on building organization in one’s life, learning to truly love SELF without being selfish or self-centered, how to build emotional muscle, and dropping the mental baggage we all inevitably carry around with us. It’s a positive and uplifting message, when most of today’s messages seem to be so negative, divisive, and limiting. Lovin Self, the 2BMe campaign, and Ingrid’s and my efforts are all for expanding one’s life toward the ultimate limit: making that “impossible” dream come true.

What dream are you making come true today?