Author Resource: Write an Effective Job Posting to Hire an Effective Editor


Just a warning: I my come off sounding like an angry parent, and I’m going to try very, very hard to be diplomatic about this, because I love authors. They are my chosen tribe, my people. I love to help them, and I love working with the written word. So, thinking about how many independent authors end up frustrated with the process of hiring a freelancer, and then seeing the result of their efforts in the form of lackluster job postings at freelancing sites, frankly, it breaks my heart.

Even though traffic through my WordPress site has picked up in the last couple years, I still rely on sites like,, and to fill in the gaps between projects. Because I’ve been freelancing since 2011, and using similar sites just as long, it’s impossible for me to calculate just how many job postings I’ve applied to, let alone read, over the years. But, across all of those ads, even across platforms, I’ve noticed a frustrating pattern: lack of informative data.

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#AmReading | Your Fiction Can Show and Tell

“Show, don’t tell” is a commonly cited rule among authors, editors, and literary professors the world over. The dreaded “infodump” is to always be avoided. “Showing” language is implied to be better writing; however, “telling” language can be just as active, clear, and compelling. Cecilia Tan at Uncanny Magazine makes a solid argument that strong, readable (i.e., “publishable”) writing can both show and tell!

Jack Torrance Typing The Shining 8.28.14 Blog
Mr. Torrance will show you a thing or two! [Source:]
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#Freelancing | Choosing How to Price a Project

This LocalSolo Blog post, “Freelance Pricing – Per Hour vs. Per Project Pricing” by Scott Starkweather, really got me thinking this morning, and I wanted to share it. When I started out six years ago, I could have used this article. Even though I heard about the Editorial Freelancers Association early on, and used their pricing guide to determine my own pricing guide, this argument for and against per-project and per-hour pricing would have made my decision-making far more educated. Not to mention, I learned about the Cone of UncertaintyParkinson’s Law, and Hofstader’s Law (Note: it doesn’t have anything to do with The Big Bang Theory.). Plus, now this depiction of the Project Management Triangle has been stashed in my long-term memory. Thanks, Scott!

Project Managment Triangle / LocalSolo Blog