Ms. Editor

Melissa A. Swenka (MeliSwenk) Google+


Master of Arts: English (with emphasis in Creative Writing)
University of Northern Iowa (September 2009 – May 2011)

Master of Arts: Public Relations (all but research)
University of Northern Iowa (January 2006 – December 2007)

Bachelor of Arts: Communications (with minor in Psychology)
Upper Iowa University (August 2000 – May 2005)



EditFast Editorial Services (November 2014 – Present)
[Staff editor focusing on academic, creative, and promotional manuscripts]
Beta Reader ♦ Copy Editor ♦ Proofreader ♦ Basic Formatting

Propel Marketing & Design (November 2014 – Present)
[Blog posts, magazine articles, white papers, and press releases]



Don’t Die Alone (June-July 2018) 
[Screenplay: Action]
Beta Reader ♦ Copy Editor

A Spirited Queen (June 2018) 
[Screenplay: Drama]
Beta Reader ♦ Copy Editor

In the House of Ravens (June 2018) 
[Screenplay: Horror]
Beta Reader ♦ Copy Editor

Grizzled (June 2018)
[Screenplay: Sci-Fi Miniseries]
Beta Reader ♦ Copy Editor

The Dance of Our Stars (June 2018)
[Screenplay: Romance]
Beta Reader ♦ Copy Editor

Minds of Darkness (May 2018)
[Screenplay: Thriller]
Beta Reader ♦ Copy Editor

Possession (May 2018)
[Screenplay: Horror]
Beta Reader ♦ Copy Editor

Rapier Vengeance (February 2018) 
[Novel: Adult Fantasy]
Proofreader ♦ Copy Editor

Patent for Death (December 2017) 
[Novel: Crime Adventure]
Beta Reader ♦ Proofreader ♦ Copy Editor

A Brighter Heaven (August 2017) 
[Novel: Literary Noir, Young Adult]
Beta Reader ♦ Proofreader

Getting Home (July 2017) 
[Novel: Crime Adventure]
Beta Reader ♦ Proofreader ♦ Copy Editor

Escape from Playa Del Carmen (June 2017) 
[Novel: Crime Adventure]
Beta Reader ♦ Proofreader ♦ Copy Editor

There Are People in the Attic (December 2016) Colon, Malena
[Novel: Gothic, Young Adult]
Beta Reader ♦ Proofreader ♦ Copy Editor

Chaise to the Death (The Post Chaise Chronicles: Book 1) (May 2016) Mela, Brad
[Novel: Historical Adventure-Romance]
Beta Reader ♦ Proofreader ♦ Copy Editor

A Change Came Over (January 2015 – March 2016 [Editing/Coaching on hiatus])
[Novel-length work in progress]
Beta Reader ♦ Proofreader ♦ Writing Coach

Wolgast Castle (Sidonia the Sorceress: Book 1) (December 2015) Brighton, Linda Bell
[Novel: Historical Fantasy]
Beta Reader ♦ Proofreader ♦ Copy Editor

Every Broken Wish (August 2015) David, K. S.
[Novel: Romantic Suspense]
Copy Editor

The Last Man (April 2015) Williams, Sean
[Novel: Dystopian Action-Adventure]
Proofreader ♦ Basic Formatting

Art in the Dark (January 2014) Eichelberg, Robert
[Short Stories: Literary Satire]
Beta Reader ♦ Proofreader


Permission Blog (August – September 2016) Kujat, Krista
Copy Editor ♦ Proofreader ♦ Basic Formatting (WordPress)

Lovin Self Blog (February – December 2016) Lovin Self, LLC.
Blogger ♦ Copy Editor ♦ Layout/Aesthetics (WordPress)
Monthly newsletter The LoveLetter 
(May 2016 – April 2017)

Tessa’s Christmas Cookies (October 2015) Arias, Tessa
[Digital cookbook for baking Christmas cookies, includes recipes, packaging ideas]
Beta Reader ♦ Proofreader

The Ultimate Cookie Handbook (March 2015) Arias, Tessa
[Digital handbook for baking the best possible cookies, includes recipes]
Beta Reader ♦ Proofreader

Gravity Manifestation (March 2015)
[Digital booklet on the power of perspective]

Strategic Admissions Advice, LLC. (October 2014 – October 2015)
[College admissions essays and in-house materials]
Copy Editor ♦ Proofreader and (September – October 2014)
[Over 100 blog posts about anxiety and treating nail fungus]
Copy Editor ♦ Fact Checker ♦ Proofreader  

The Smart Stripper Guidebook (August 2014) Grosso, Isabella
[Ebook guide for saving money and getting out of the business]
Developmental Editor ♦ Copy Editor ♦ Fact Checker
Reference Compilation (May 2014 – May 2015)
[Educational/Language Studies quizzes, blogs, and web copy]
Copy Editor ♦ Proofreader

Prepared for Impact (March 2014) Turner, Paul
[Training ebook for Christian youth group leaders]
Developmental Editor ♦ Copy Editor ♦ Fact Checker
Reference Compilation

Tangled Synapses Blog (December 2013 – April 2017) Sanabria, Ignacio, M.Ed.
Blogger ♦ Data Curator ♦ Social Media Manager (Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress)
Retained Copy Editing Services


Oralicious (October – December 2016) Carrera, Tatiana
[Second edition of Oral Satisfaction ebook]
Developmental Editor ♦ Copy Editor ♦ Fact Checker ♦ Proofreader
Resource Compilation ♦ Basic Formatting ♦ Publisher Style Guide Compliance

Oral Satisfaction Blog (October 2013 – November 2016) Carrera, Tatiana
Blogger ♦ Copy Editor ♦ Image Curator ♦ Layout/Aesthetics (WordPress)

Oral Satisfaction (August – November 2013) Carrera, Tatiana
[Ebook discussing the art and importance of oral satisfaction]
Developmental Editor ♦ Copy Editor ♦ Fact Checker ♦ Proofreader
Resource Compilation ♦ Basic Formatting


Sales Basics Workbook: How Do You Decide to Buy? (July 2015) Moore, Sherry
[Digital workbook for consumers about making spending decisions]
Beta Reader ♦ Proofreader

Sales Basics  (January 2014) Moore, Sherry
[Informative ebook about growing sales]
Beta Reader ♦ Proofreader

“The Dish on Dining” (February – November 2012, as needed) The Joplin Globe
[Local advertising spot for participating restaurants (no longer running)]
Contact Person ♦ Photographer ♦ Interviewer ♦ Ad Copy Writer

The Five Ultimate Keys to Winning More Sales (July 2011) Cucci, Dario 
[Promotional supplement to sales coaching video]
Copy Editor ♦ Proofreader


Creative Thesis for Master of Arts Degree in English (May 2011)
The University of Northern Iowa
Writer ♦ Defender ♦ MLA Style Guide ♦ University Style Guide ♦ Craft of Fiction

Education Specialist Degree Thesis (March – December 2010) Shaffer, Janece
A Study of Published Journal Articles on Brain-based Learning from 1985 to 2009.

The University of Northern Iowa
Developmental Editor ♦ Copy Editor ♦ Proofreader ♦ APA Style Guide
University Style Guide ♦ Basic Formatting ♦  Table Formatting 


Advertising Tear Sheet Clerk (October 2011 – April 2013)
The Joplin Globe

  • Prepared tear sheets of running ads to verify for local and national advertisers
  • Organized mass invoice mailings once a month with retail, class, and co-op ad tear sheets
  • Maintained monthly co-op ad spreadsheet
  • Updated established organization systems in tear sheet office
  • Assisted in creation of dummy pages from ALS in Quark Express
  • Fifi’d new and pick-up ads into “dummy”ed pages

Student Co-Editor (January 2010 – May 2011)
Inner Weather
The University of Northern Iowa

  • Read manuscript submissions in non-fiction, fiction, and poetry genres
  • Participated in selection meetings with fellow student editors
  • Applied comprehensive editing techniques to create publishable pieces
  • Edited submissions for accuracy in Chicago style

Editorial Asst./Production Specialist (September 2009 – May 2011)
North American Review
The University of Northern Iowa

  • Sorted, logged in-coming mail
  • Began selection process by reading submissions
  • Answered, filled subscription orders
  • Maintained positive rapport with subscribers, authors, and purchasing agents
  • Edited proofs, galleys, and accepted submissions for accuracy in Chicago style
  • Built magazine in Quark Express